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Leadership Academy

Insignis West Leadership Academy

Regardless of contexts and times, leadership skills are an essential requirement for organizational success. However, its importance is more pronounced in times of crisis, when leaders emerge to ensure the stability of people, processes, and businesses.

In this context, leadership skills assume an increasingly relevant role, as a decisive factor
to establish commitments: with the results, with the global strategy, with the formation of effective staff, with the structuring of objectives, and with values-aligned in a joint vision.

Insignis West strongly invests in the development of leadership skills, having created an academy where it develops and applies the theme of leadership in a technical and behavioral aspect, supported by scientific knowledge and leveraged on professional experience.

Thinking about the future, we bet on training!

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Advanced Course in Marketing and Sales

General Objectives

This Advanced Course in Marketing and Sales aims to provide participants with tools, with the aim of projecting and asserting their companies in the market.

Specific Objectives
Identify the main marketing concepts;
Understand the importance of marketing strategy in the company;
Identify the importance of a marketing plan;
Sales leadership;
Planning and analysis of commercial action;
Typology of customers and their relationship.

Recipients: Professionals who want to know the main tools of Marketing and Sales.

Team Motivation Program

Today, in most organizations, teams need to work more communicatively, using diluted leadership among employees, or with more flexible leadership. The first step is to open the dialogue and be willing to incorporate the ideas of the team into the work routine generating effective behaviors that lead to success.

We work together to achieve the best results for your company or organization. With the development of tailor-made solutions, we find the best way to align and motivate your employees.

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